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Please Note: We are temporarily closed for remodeling. 

Welcome to a world filled with deliciously prepared food, attentive service, and the most fun you've ever had at a restaurant.  We are below-ground and above any other restaurant experience in Bellevue.

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Fresh + Local = Delicious

We searched all over and finally found a chef who could deliver a menu that would stand out in Bellevue, a market saturated with every imaginable bar and restaurant. We believe locally grown produce, fresh ingredients, and meticulously prepared appetizers, entrees, and desserts will help us stand above. Welcome to The Undrgrnd.

From Craft Beers to Designer Cocktails

When you want something to drink, you want something special. Otherwise, you could drink it at home. We offer locally produced boutique beers and designer cocktails made with the finest locally-sourced ingredients. Delivered to you with a smile.

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Prepare To Have Fun

Welcome to the new world of restaurantertainment. Just dining is so yesterday. When you are in the Undrgrnd you are going to have fun. Sure, the food is great but that's not why you came. Shoot some hoops, play chess, dine on a swing, and try your hand at cornhole. It's all here and more. When you come to the Undrgrnd you have to be prepared to have fun. Lots of it.