It's all about the food

Our menu offers fresh, locally sourced ingredients in traditional and not-so-traditional favorites from the Pacific Northwest. While we do offer burgers, chicken wings, and pizza, this is not typical "bar food". Our chef prepares each dish, meticulously attending to every detail. Most of these dishes offer his special twist, with spices and ingredients added to enhance what already makes it so delicious. We know the food is your highest priority and, because of that, it's our highest priority too. 

appetizer, breads, avocado, crostini

Avocado Crostini

This recipe starts with a french baguette, sliced, brushed with a little olive oil, then baked to a crispy golden brown. The avocado is thinly sliced and layered onto the crostini and topped with a tomato, olive oil, and herb mixture.

mac and cheese, side, restaurant, food

Mac & Cheese

Cooked macaroni pasta and a combination of cheeses, baked to perfection. Add bacon to make it even better. 

chicken, appetizers, lunch, food

Chicken Wings

A half pound of our Hot 'n' Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings, plus a half pound of our BBQ Chicken Wings oven-roasted and baked to perfection. Served with your choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing. Just enough to get you to half-time.

pizza, thin crust, baked, toppings

Flatbread Pizza

We have a variety of delicious flatbread pizzas. Featured regularly are the Chicken Club, Sausage Pesto, and Caramelized Onion Mushroom. Each is topped with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and fire-roasted until the crust is crisp and topping are browned. 

Fettucine Alfredo dish, fork table top

Fettuccine Alfredo

Enjoy a taste of Italy with one of our chef’s specialty dishes. Hand-crafted pasta with creamy sauce, pan-roasted Crimini mushrooms, pecorino, and herbs.
Poutine, egg, fries, gravy


A delicious combination of egg, french fries, and gravy. This is quite famous north of the border but little-known in these parts. You'll want to make this one of your best-kept secrets.